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your drug is a heartbreaker.

my love is a life taker.

26 January
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acting, albinos, almost empty rooms, analog clocks, antiques, apple juice, astrology, attics, beaches, beds, biting my lower lip, black, black roses, blankets, blood, books, boots, breathing, broken mirrors, brown eyes, burnt paper, cameras, camo, canada, candles, cardboard boxes, cats, cavemen, cereal, clocks, cobwebs, coffee crisps, colored tights, compact disc mixes, computers, conditioner, cynicism, dancing, death, diet vanilla coke, disney movies, dreams, dresses, dum-dum's, elephants, emo hair, eyelashes, eyeliner, eyes, fabric, fish, fishnet, fluffernutter sandwiches, foreign exchange student program, french, frogs, fruit, fuzzy navels, g.i. joes, giraffes, glasses, goggles, graham crackers, grammar, green, hair, hands, history, hooded sweatshirts, iced tea, incense, jungle book cups, leather, lightening, making and modifying clothing, maple leaves, markers, maryjane shoes, mathematics, mismatched socks, mod, moons, moose, most of the decades, movies, music, my baby blankie, mythology, orange juice, pajama pants, pale skin, pencils, philosophy, photographs, photography, pillows, pools, post-it notes, punctuation, purses, rain, rain boots, rectangle watches, red, reeses peanut butter cups, reincarnation, retro, robert frost, sarcasm, scarves, shampoo, sharpie markers, shoelaces, shoes, silver, singing, skiing, skirts, sleeping, socks, soup, stars, stripes, sunglasses, sunrises, sunsets, sweaters, swimming, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the number 3, the smell of matches, the smell of mothballs, thermal shirts, thrift shops, thunderstorms, toads, tomato soup, travel, trunks, turtles, umbrellas, vintage, vintage clothing, vinyl, watches, websites, whistles, white roses, wood, wooly mammoths